This is my story

I am a teacher, an intuitive guide and an activator of energies. I connect you with your soul power and remove any blockages that may be in the way of that!

This equals a highly evolved, empowered individual. It’s basic maths!!

My journey

I have assisted many in delving deep within themselves to access and unlock their massive power and potential they hold within.

My journey began 18 years ago as an Exercise Specialist and then merged into the energetic realms which gifted me a deeper knowledge and wisdom on how the physical body really operates. The physical body will always communicate messages from the energy bodies (mental, emotional and spiritual), transmitting information in every moment informing you of any misalignments that causes illness, pain or dysfunction.

All we have to do is listen to that conversation!

My journey

My journey didn’t stop there! Over the years I studied in many different modes of healing, which then led me to what I call ‘sacred travel.’

I began to work with the lands of Egypt in a very profound way. I received activations from this powerful place which has allowed me to access ancient wisdom to apply to our modern day living. My work will activate you in doing exactly the same!

My body of work

My body of work involves many different pathways and methods of accessing the fullness and totality of your energy. You are a unique individual and so is your path.

Are you ready to unlock the mysteries of who TRULY are?