Single Mentorship Sessions

For those who like to work at their own pace of expansion, growth and transformation!

These single sessions hold exactly the same power and potency in unlocking the power and the wisdom you hold inside. You are a master creator! This is who you are so unlock what lies dormant within, access the innate power you hold within which will propel you into a life of abundance, success and happiness if you so choose it!

Are you ready to say YES to living in your highest vibration, finally living the life you’ve always wanted? Then lets go!

What you’ll get

Activate your power & create abundance in your life.



1 x 1.5 hour

Once-off power session


20 minute Zoom
support call

Valid for up to 4 weeks


1 x pre-recorded

Pre recorded meditations to assist in energy integration – this is your tool box!


What my clients have to say

“Marie is an amazing healer and teacher. For someone that has always been drawn to the mysticism of Egypt, Marie helped me unlock a memory of Egypt during one of my sessions. This has helped me understand my connection and peaked my interest in the healing codes of Egypt. I look forward to this journey of discovery as Marie guides us in accessing our innate powers.”

Vishantha Rathakrishnan, United Kingdom


What my clients have to say

“Marie is such a bright shining star. She just radiates light and enthusiasm and knows so much about Egypt in the broadest sense. I loved our magical session together and the portals that opened for me from our session. It was so amazing, before our session the energies were already working and I felt some old physical discomfort come up, Marie had an amazing technique that gave me a deeper understanding of that discomfort and then switched it away in seconds. Then we started our secret journey, she connected me with the deep wisdom within me. It was so magical! She intuitively guided me through the whole process and it was

Kim van de Sande, Netherlands

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