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Do You Need Intuitive Guidance Counselling?

Back in the day, King Arthur sought the guidance of Merlin. Even Michael Schumacher had a Spiritual Guru that accompanied him when he was racing. Many successful people seek spiritual council on their businesses and their lives. When our awareness is lacking, we are operating in a lower vibration, and this can give us lower expectations and outcomes. Life is all about infinite possibilities, thinking big and truly knowing your power within to achieve this. We all have this power, it’s just that some of us have forgotten about it.

Think about the most successful people you know; they all hold such a powerful belief in themselves. They are already wired into the concept of infinite possibilities and unlimited abundance, which is why they’re so successful. Now, don’t you want a little bit of that? It’s time to talk light so you can experience powerful energy healing.

Shed a Little Light On It…

Talking Light can be likened to a mentorship – an opportunity for you to receive guidance and insight on a problem, a new project or an important decision that needs to be made. Through conversation, I am able to tap into your energy field and bring forth the highest guidance for your highest good, and the highest good of all. When I connect with your energy, I can ascertain where the blocks lie, and clear them through an energy healing process so you can ‘see’ for yourself which way to go – a very empowering process.

When we are in alignment with our purpose and skillset (unique gifts and abilities), we are clear in what we need to let go of and what we need to call in. And we are able to create the best possible outcome for our paths forward, leading a life flowing with ease and grace. Receiving guidance in this manner can release and clear any blockages that stand in the way of your success. Shedding light on the situation is what I like to call it! I offer 30 min sessions, 1-hour sessions and 3-month mentorships.

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