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The Body / Emotion Code

Healing wounds of the past

The Emotion Code and Body Code practice incorporates a very powerful magnetic therapy that releases trapped emotions in the body that can cause pain, dysfunction and disease. For example, as a child, you may have experienced trauma that made you feel abandoned and unsupported. Such emotions will lodge in the body as a ‘trapped’ emotion. As your life unfolds, you will have many experiences that trigger you into feeling this deep overwhelming sense of abandonment, and you have no idea why. 

By identifying the trapped emotion and ascertaining where it lies in the body, you are able to release this negative energy with just three rolls of a magnet down the governing meridian (the spine). The magnets used are rolled down the spine, giving the body a magnetic charge and pulling the ‘trapped’ emotion out of the energy field and physical body. The healing is instantaneous.

It is important to test the body to find out when exactly the negative trauma was experienced. Through muscle testing, the body can give us this information. If we don’t go to the root of the problem (the age when it was experienced) then the issue will just ‘grow’ back. With the Emotion Code and Body Code, we remove it from the root!

Who is it good for?

Sports people and professional athletes: This powerful magnet therapy can remove the root cause of reoccurring injuries, removes the mental and emotional blocks that prevents optimal sports performance.

Sufferers of all types of illnesses and conditions:Your body speaks your mind! All chronic, acute illnesses and imbalances are cause from blockages in the energy body. Everything is energy and can be manipulated and changed in any given moment. Your physical body is a messenger and every ache and pain you experience acts like a map and a compass telling you where you are experiencing negative blockages. The magnets release those blockages and then allows the body to come back into balance, pain and stress free.

Spiritual Lightworkers/Seekers: Assists you in gaining more clarity on your path. Clears the blockages that prevents you from accessing the fullness of your gifts and abilities and can also clear physical issues that can be experienced due to energetic releases as you purge the darkness and embody more light! When we work with our bodies in this manner we can also receive powerful guidance on where to go next!

Anyone who just likes to maintain the wellness of their beings and bodies: And that is ALL of us!

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