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Heart Wall Sessions

Getting to the Heart of the matter!

Your heart will always be the focus of your emotional healing and physical restoration, no matter what it is that you’re wanting to change or achieve in your life. Why? Because the heart is the doorway to receiving all the wonderful gifts, blessings, and abundant joys in life.

Many of us complain and say that we’re always asking for the good stuff, doing our best to do the inner work so that we can indeed live a happier life. But when we don’t progress, we think the universe hasn’t heard us, or even worse, is blocking us. Could this be true? Or is it that we haven’t opened our hearts up to receive the gifts surrounding us? 

Imagine if a supermarket locked its entrance and didn’t allow any of the delivery trucks in. It would be a very empty supermarket, with a lot of unhappy customers. Your heart is known as the ‘goods inwards’ entrance – the means by which you receive all the gifts the world has to offer. If your heart entrance is blocked, you’re ‘closed’ to these gifts. So, you see, it’s quite simple. It’s essential to your open heart in order to heal and allow life’s gifts to flow in.

Your Heart Wall

Now that you understand the powerful effects of a blocked heart, let’s explore how the Heart Wall works. Much like the Emotion Code, we open the heart through emotional healing. Though, these emotions are a lot more delicate than those unearthed in a general Emotion Code session. You must remember that your heart is the soft marshmallow part inside of us. We have worked very hard to protect that part, as it’s received more pain than we’d like to remember. So we build that thick wall to protect it from further trauma.

We want to give love and receive love and live in joy and happiness abundantly. But with a Heart Wall, this is impossible. Apart from obvious emotional blockages, the Heart Wall can also cause physical blockages. You will feel these in your neck and shoulders, indicating that the heart chakra is blocked. There is nowhere for your energy to flow into, which has a debilitating effect on your wellbeing. To get on your Path to Power, and achieve empowerment, you need to open up your heart. This is the foundation of you – to all that there is. 

Heart Wall sessions

If any of this resonates with you, you have probably constructed a Heart Wall of your own. It’s time for you to book your session, get on a path of emotional healing, and start living an abundantly happy life. And the good news is, Heart Walls typically come down after just two sessions – it’s just a matter of when you make a booking.

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