The Path to Empowerment

Empowerment; the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.

Easily said than done right? The Path to Empowerment is a process. It is not something that can be gained overnight. Nor is it something you can go ‘out there’ and get. We either underreach or overreach to attain this ever-elusive Empowerment. For example, if you are overreaching this can come over as a bulling energy, elbowing your way to the front at the detriment to others. Or you can underreach making yourself small, avoiding confrontation ensuring that you stay under the radar in a safe comfort zone. You’re actually creating the illusionary belief that you are in fact in your power as long as no one sees you! At some time in our lives we have been guilty of both. But there is nothing wrong with this. We were doing the very best that we could, trying our find our neutral spot, the place of peace and safety which seems to evade us.

In our efforts we were trying to access our power from an external place. True Empowerment comes from within. Period! So don’t sweat it if you haven’t nailed it yet. You weren’t supposed to. Your experience here on Earth is to find your way from the darkness to the light. No different to fumbling around in a room that you’re unfamiliar with to find the light switch!

We now know that the Power is within us and we now know that we haven’t quite accessed it to its fullness. So why is that? 

Because we have layer upon layer of negative experiences that have entrained us in thinking that if we are seen, if we are larger than life, then we will probably die! Brutal but true! These traumas go way back to your childhood and past lives (if your belief systems stretch back that far). So in effect, your ego mind is doing its utmost to keep you safe. If we are unseen then you will live a long, but not necessarily happy life. It’s that happiness that we’re striving for. When we are happy then we are in-joy. The word ‘in’ may give it away as to where your power lies. You got it! Within!  

All that you are and all that you need is accessed within and the gateway to ‘within.’ It is through the heart, not through the mind. It is the mind, that overactive mental body (aka ego), that has you thinking that you are unsafe if you are ‘seen.’

Now you can ‘see,’ your access point to Empowerment is through the heart and not the head. It is your mission, if you so choose it, to heal the blockages and retrieve those aspects of yourself that have broken away through painful experiences. Integrating these lost parts is what we mean when we speak of ‘wholeness.’ Putting yourself back together is THE most empowering part of it all. That’s the journey.

It’s like a game of Nintendo. When you collect enough gold coins (your soul parts that are floating around in the ethers), then you unlock the next level. You are gifted with a new level empowerment, just enough for you to go and tackle the next stage of the game! And so the journey continuously unfolds. Understand the importance of the ‘Path’ to Empowerment. It is a process of magic treasures. Stage by stage, as you heal you witness the trueness of who you really are. A kickass being of LIGHT! Now go collect those gold coins!! May the force be with you!

I salute you and your POWER, much love, Marie x