Claim your Tablet of Light and Activate your Soul Purpose

Hello, fellow light being incarnate!

If you love the idea of knowing how to tap FULLY into your spiritual gifts to masterfully hold space for the transformation of others – perhaps via one-on-one sessions, group ceremonies/workshops, or retreats, you are in the right place!

Maybe it’s just a dream, maybe you’ve dabbled here and there, or maybe you’ve run your own full-blown retreat and have a clientele all over the world, but somewhere deep down you just KNOW there is more WISDOM and MAGIC inside of you just waiting to be unlocked. You just wish you knew how to access it – am I right?!

What I have personally found is that the key to freeing up that elusive inner magic and becoming a masterful spiritual facilitator is to connect with the Neteru, the Egyptian name for the deities (typically thought of as “gods” and “goddesses”) that comprise the various aspects or manifestations of Source. I first got connected with the Neteru (who are immensely loving and powerful consciousnesses) on my first trip to Egypt in 2018, and since then, my bond with them has grown stronger and stronger, to the point that I now work with them in everything that I do. I can now channel the energy of Isis or Osiris or any of the other Neteru, and bring them in as needed to assist with my clients’ healing and empowerment.

The first step to activating YOUR connection with the Neteru is to get acquainted with the concept of having your own unique Tablet of Light. Each of us is hard-wired to work with specific Neteru, who will help us with the benevolent spiritual work we endeavour to do with others.

Ready to dive in and discover which of the Neteru you feel closest to? This brand-new shamanic audio journey, which is infused with the magic of Eygpt, is your perfect starting point!



Step 1: Watch the video below to learn how to prepare for your journey



Step 2: When you’re ready, get connected with your personal Tablet of Light by pressing play below.



Step 3: Schedule your free call with me to unlock the next aspect of your unique Soul Blueprint!

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This mini intuitive guidance session will consist of a special transmission of energetic codes from the Neteru through me to you that will put you squarely on your path to fully embodying your Soul Purpose, which might include becoming a masterful spiritual/transformational practitioner or facilitator, a leader of retreats, or a holder of ceremonies.

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