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spiritual empowerment

Emotional blocks, limiting beliefs and negative programs can prevent you from accessing your true power that lies within.  Once removed you will be able to tap into a formidable force and thus revealing your highest potential and the best possible version of you!

You will create with great ease and receive a constant flow of abundance from inside of you that will support you in all of your ventures.

sports empowerment

The largest cause of failure performance and injuries in a sports person/athlete are contributed to limiting beliefs, negative programs and emotional blocks. Your body speaks your mind so if there is a block, indeed this will translate into the physical body and then via physical performance.

By removing these blocks and balancing the physical body, this allows the sports person/athlete to access their ‘energy/emotional bodies.’ When this occurs there is a limitless potential that then allows maximum performance. A radical transition!! You must go within to go beyond!

Time to unleash the dragon! Are you ready?

the body code / emotion code

A very powerful magnet therapy that releases trapped emotions in the body that can cause pain, dysfunction and dis-ease.

Holding onto negative emotional baggage can weigh the body causing illness and injury that never seems to improve or heal. This can prevent you from achieving success and optimum health.

Marie Coveley Heart Wall Clearing

heart wall clearing

The heart wall is a powerful wall that sits around the heart blocking your abundance, your ability to love and be loved and from manifesting the life that you deserve.

When you have experienced powerful negative experiences, this can cause a brick wall effect around the heart blocking you from receiving love and abundance. This wall can also cause neck and shoulder pain.

Negative emotions are released from the body by use of magnets.

Marie Coveley Limiting Beliefs

limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs will keep you in repetitive negative cycles of behavior that do not serve you or your goals.

Releasing the limiting beliefs is done by use of magnets.

Once the limiting beliefs have been established, new positive ones are created and reprogrammed back into the body.

With this brand new foundation, the body and mind will adjust its position to support this new way of being, perceiving and thinking.

Marie Coveley Motivational Speaker

motivational speaking

My passion is to educate, inspire, motivate and ignite self-belief in all people in all places.

Whether you are a businessperson, a sportsperson or a housewife, it matters not. We all have innate power, gifts and abilities to share with the world. It is about being in your power at all times and knowing who you are.

It’s about being in the fullness of who you truly are……….

Are you aware of who that is and what lies beneath?