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What I Do

Spiritual Empowerment Coaching

This life, this journey, is all about expansion and growth, and the many different pathways you can choose to get there. There are many ways! One size does not fit all and what a beautiful thing that is! You have come here with a unique mission which cannot be compared to the next person. Why is that? Cause there ain’t no one else like you! You a hold a unique soul design likened to a snowflake. A snowflake has an exquisite structure, no other snowflake is exactly the same! This is you!

I am here to assist, guide, teach and EMPOWER all whom I come into contact with. This is not about learning it is about remembering. Remembering who you are and if you were unsure about what that is, then let me enlighten you. You are an Empowered light being, capable of anything you set your mind to. You are a master creator, you can manifest anything you desire, do you know that?

This isn’t about being all hippy about it or needing to live in an Ashram in India for a year so that you can find yourself, absolutely not! Don’t get it twisted. It’s about accessing that wisdom (power) within you, to assist you in living in your highest vibration, being the best possible version of you, living your best life, right? In simple terms, being happy! And if that shows up in the world as being a kickass business man or woman, running a busy household, or indeed travelling the world to find out the meaning of life, then more power to y’all! It’s about living in your heart, living in alignment with who you truly are, that’s it and that’s all!

We hold within us ancient wisdom that we can access, giving us the map and compass on how to live a successful life even in these modern times. My mission in life? To help you remember that wisdom, to give you an elbow nudge to go and get it! It’s yours and it belongs to YOU!

Looking forward to sharing this amazing journey with you. It’s time to connect with your inner snowflake lol!

Much love, Marie x

“Ancient wisdom for modern-day living”

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