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The Power of Sitting in Ceremony

There is something to be said about the power of sitting in circle (ceremony). When a collective or group joins together to hold space for the intention of healing, MAGICAL things happen. Sitting in a group can turbo charge any kind of healing whether it is for yourself, another person, humankind, Mother Earth, The Universe, your dog! I think you get the idea! This is what we call co-creation, where 2 or more people come together in a sacred manner, joining their energies with the power of intention to become one, to receive the highest level of healing available to themselves and the collective. Hence the phrase “Heal yourself, heal for All.”

Booking a private ceremony gives you the opportunity to work on a specific issue you are experiencing. You can invite specific people to join your group, and book your ceremony time whenever it suits you. When working in a group setting, the vibrations are much higher, so can be felt on a deeper level.

These ceremonies give you an opportunity to honour yourself, your path, the higher beings and your ancestors who all play an integral part in your healing and expansion in this life. The universal support that each and every one of us receives as we walk our paths is huge, and sitting in ceremony opens the doorway and connection to these higher beings who have never left you. They’ve always been there. It’s now time to acknowledge them and gracefully receive the love, healing, guidance, and wisdom that they wish to share with you. I work with certain plant medicines that, again, assist in healing and opening your pathways to this higher guidance and communication. Each plant medicine has a plant spirit, some masculine, some feminine. They are exactly the same as Spirit Guides, the only difference is that they have taken the form of a plant. They hold infinite amounts of healing and wisdom that they wish to share with you.

Healing Plants: Sacred Cacao

This is sacred chocolate sourced from Guatemala and Bali. It has been blessed all the way through its process, and is referred to as ‘ceremonial cacao’ – offering a much different vibration from the chocolate you can purchase in the health shops. Sacred Cacao will hold the vibration as Mama Cacao, just not as purely. 

All plant medicines I offer are spiritual. Mama Cacao is an incredibly feminine and heart-opening medicine. She is non-hallucinogenic, but extremely powerful in healing your heart. I serve Mama Cacao as a sacred hot chocolate. The method of consumption is already so nurturing – everyone finds healing in a cup of hot chocolate. However, Mama Cacao offers more than just nurturing. After consuming her you will feel your heart flutter and open – a truly beautiful process.

Healing Plants: Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus is a stunning electric blue flower that grows on the riverbanks of the Nile in Egypt. She is one of several sacred healing plants that hold powerful feminine magic. Consumed by the Egyptians when socializing and during festivals, Blue Lotus gives a feeling of euphoria, and is incredibly good for one’s libido. 

When I connect with Blue Lotus, I connect with the goddess Hathor, goddess of sensuality, and feel a sense of joy that makes me want to dance. Blue Lotus was also in Ancient Egypt for ‘journey work’. The Egyptians from this time were the ultimate shamans – they would use Blue Lotus and other plant medicines to travel to different dimensions, retrieving codes (information), and wisdom that they could bring back to their earthly existence for their highest good and for the higher good of all. When sitting in ceremony, we will also connect with the Blue Lotus in this way. In my experience, Blue Lotus is the gentlest of plant medicines. I have to say that I have not found it to be a hallucinogenic, even though it has been reported as such. My personal experience is that it takes me into deep meditative space, enabling me to connect with my higher beings and the higher realms.

Medicinal benefits of Blue Lotus: natural aphrodisiac, reduces stress, depression and anxiety, assists with gastrointestinal issues, a natural painkiller, anti-diuretic (maintains healthy fluid balance), combats insomnia.


Hapé (pronounced har-pay) is a shamanic snuff which is also a powerful healer. Again, this is a non-hallucinogenic medication, and is made from healing plants and leaves sourced from the Amazon. Hapé consists of finely ground herbs, seeds and ashes, and realigns energy channels, clears the mind for focus and intention, detoxifies the physical body, supports increased intuition, and brings you into the present moment. It is a wonderful medicine to use in conjunction with other medicines while in your ceremony.

To be honest, in my experience working with plant medicines, the medicine spirit determines the kind of experience and relationship you will have with them. It is a unique experience and one that is tailored to your own vibration and purpose. The healing plants all offer different pearls of wisdom, and it’s just for me to give you a basic idea of them so you know what to expect. I then gracefully step aside and allow the reunion between yourself and the plant spirits to happen.

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