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Soul Merge Sessions

Coming Into Wholeness

A Soul Merge session is all about integrating aspects of yourself that have suffered trauma or emotional pain. These aspects break away from your soul until such time they are retrieved, healed and brought into wholeness. Our path to empowerment is all about the coming together of our light and shadow aspects, meaning the good, the bad and the ugly. You’ve got to love them all – they’re a part of you and need to be loved into wholeness. It’s the ultimate acceptance.

This awakening came from having a conversation with my younger self. Most, if not all of our traumas happen between birth and ten years old. These are very delicate, sensitive and impressionable years where we are being conditioned by our elders on what to believe, how to behave and what is right or wrong. Ultimately, we are at the hands of another, and how they see the world. And this is not always a good thing for children. Conditioning can cause emotional pain and suffering for a child that does not have a voice. It causes an aspect to break away from our being, which can cause emotional trauma that will repeat later on in life until we decide to heal.

The process

Soul Merge is a powerful session of integration and healing of emotional pain. It’s a blend of the Emotion Code, guided journeys and activations, shamanic drumming, soul retrieval, and sound healing. The session begins with the Emotion Code, enabling us to establish the age of the individual when the trauma occurred. Even though the trauma may have occurred at the age of five, for example, it may be the 10-year-old that holds all the wisdom for the integration of the soul part or parts.

You then enter into a guided journey to work with the Violet Flame of Transmutation. This powerful flame has the ability to transmute that which is not of wholeness for you and your childhood self. Only once your child self is ready, the soul merge can occur. This is the ultimate healing, a coming home of sorts, and can be very emotional. After all, it’s a powerful reunion. While you integrate this merger, you will receive sound healing in a safe, gentle and loving space. We are now in a brand-new era, a new decade, and it’s time to step back into your wholeness and call back those parts of you that have been left in the shadows. This session is a major player in walking your Path to Empowerment.

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$155 per session for 1.5 – 2 hrs

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