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The Egypt Codes

The Gods, Goddesses and Temples of Ancient Egypt hold powerful magic and healing energies that can be accessed to assist us on our ascension path. When you interact with the energies of Egypt either remotely or on the land, you will experience an ‘unlocking’ of memory. You start to ‘remember’ who you are. You will start to become aware of your gifts and abilities. This is also known as your ‘skill set,’ or toolbox!

On my visits to Egypt, the message was always the same. I was to deliver Ancient wisdom for modern day living. To bring the codes (information), that will activate the person into remembering who they really are. Applying this remembering in their modern day lives will bring about huge changes in lifestyle. There will be more happiness, joy, flow, ease, abundance and support felt on every level. You will wonder just how you managed to survive in the past living in such a low vibration. 

I work with many individuals to assist and guide them back to their Power, their Sovereignty. This doesn’t mean that you are going to live in a temple and end your days sitting on a throne. Not unless you want to! It’s about accessing that part of you that is so very powerful. The part of you that you don’t ‘believe’ in, is ultimately the part of you that holds all the magic.  It is now time for each and everyone one of us to rise up. We must awaken from the slumber! Find your Lion’s roar! Find your MAGIC!

The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt all hold powerful healing magic that when you connect with them, you embody their energy. It activates your inner God/Goddess like abilities and when that happens you expand into the fullness of who you are and who you are truly meant to be. The Ancient wisdom accessed will be understood by you in such a way, that you will then be able to apply it practically and ground it in your physical life.

The Temples work in much the same way. They also hold powerful magic and codes so when visited through journey work or physically, you will receive activations that will assist in remembering. Each Temple holds a specific energy that will work in different areas of your life. For example, The Great Pyramid is all about Unity Consciousness, knowing that you are a reflection of heaven on earth. As is above, so is below. As is within, so is without. Meaning we are ONE consciousness; you are Heaven on Earth. The Sakkara Temple is all about reconnecting to your abundance. Abundance is your birth right, but we have forgotten this. So, as you can see, The Egypt Codes hold much support, healing and magic in guiding you back to your Path to Purpose.

Sessions can be on an individual basis as well as in group ceremonies. Either one or both are extremely powerful in bringing you back to your centre, to…

“KNOW THY SELF” – Ancient Egyptian Proverb

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