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Twin Flame Intuitive Counselling

A Twin Flame is a powerful yet challenging journey. They are two beings that share the same unique soul design. Your soul design is otherwise known as your original blueprint. This ‘blueprint’ can be likened to the original architectural plans to a building. This is very much the same as your ‘blueprint.’ The blueprint holds all the information of what it is you came here to do. Sadly, over time we have suffered so much trauma that has affected us in a negative way, burying the plans under layers upon layers of negativity, heartache and pain. 

When you understand the origin of a Twin Flame, you will further understand the mission and purpose of these powerful sacred counterparts.

Back in the days of Atlantis the Twin Flames were responsible for holding energy and maintaining the high vibration of Atlantis. They operated from the heart centre and emanated the frequency of unconditional love for the wellbeing and peace for the whole community. Atlantis was protected by a unified field sustained by the unconditional love that the Twin Flame couples radiated, and it acted like a protective seal. The whole ecosystem was maintained in this manner.

When Atlantis fell, it was at the hands of the High Priests and Priestesses who became hungry for greed and power. They manipulated the Twin Flames and reprogrammed them which consequently brought about the fall of Atlantis and of course the separation of the Twin Flames. They were then to walk for eternity in search of one another.

As you now understand, the Twin Flame is not just about the separation and one heart finding the other. It’s much more than that. The unification of the Divine Masculine and Feminine within, the Divine Union, is imperative for the unification of Twin Flames. Once this has been remembered within, the union will happen externally with your sacred other and THEN, the real work begins. The work is to bring humanity back to where we once were in the high vibrational days of Atlantis, 5th dimensional living. To re-member unconditional love, to hold the space for all so that they can then find the Union within themselves.

Having walked this journey for many years I have much to share in guidance, healing, meditations and activations to help you remember who you are and what your mission is as a Twin Flame.

It’s time for us to step into our roles now and assist in the ascension of humanity. By healing yourself you heal All. This was your Agreement, your Path to Purpose and your powerful role in these times of Ascension.

Through personal intuitive sessions I will guide and assist you in re-membering your tools and skills sets. It is vital that you heal those parts of you that prevent you from accessing your Twin Flame power. Once accessed you will begin the process of the Union within, and then Union with your sacred other will be possible if you so choose it.

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