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Giving you the ‘power tools’ to access your highest potential.

My mission in life? To guide others through a journey of physical and spiritual healing, so they can realise their inner strength and vitality. And when they have this moment of clarity, they realise something important about themselves – that they are empowered. Empowered to make a change. Empowered to make a life. When you are empowered, there is nothing you can’t achieve. And if you believe this, then you have it. It really is that simple.

My work

I have been healing and helping bodies for 18 years. My path began as an Exercise Specialist which then expanded further when I started to tap into the healing realms. This then revealed to me that I had certain gifts and abilities that could assist, help and guide others in accessing their own inner power. Having suffered addiction for many years growing up, I knew what it was like to be stuck in the darkness feeling helpless, depressed and desperate. When I began to heal myself, I suddenly started to witness my own transformation. In that moment I knew that I had to share this with the world, it was a no brainer! So here I am doing exactly that!

My belief is that your body speaks your mind, so understanding the ‘language’ of the body enables me to transform even the most chronically ill and injured bodies into vessels bursting with energy and light. I apply the same approach when dealing with professional sportsmen suffering from an emotional strain, acute or chronic injury, which can have a debilitating effect on their career.

Getting to the root of it all

So, what stands between you and this empowered life? Mental and emotional baggage. If you have suffered pain and trauma and it has been left unhealed, then this will forever keep you in a low vibration, struggling through life rather than living it to the full. It’s basic Math. Negative experiences + emotional trauma = dysfunction and disempowerment. And nobody wants this equation to be them.

We, of course, wish to avoid the above outcome at all costs. To reach a state of empowerment, we need to first break through blocks in the road, heal our wounds, and then proceed on our journey of potential and infinite possibility.

So now you see, empowerment has a broad spectrum. There are many layers to it, and to us all as individuals. It is now time to unravel these layers to find out who is inside. Are you ready to break free? The time is NOW for you to claim that what lies within – YOUR POWER! Unleash your magic and embrace your TRUTH!

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A very powerful magnet therapy that releases trapped emotions in the body that can cause pain, dysfunction and dis-ease.



Your heart will always be the focus of your emotional healing and physical restoration, no matter what it is that you’re wanting to change or achieve in your life. Why? Because the heart is the doorway to receiving all the wonderful gifts, blessings, and abundant joys in life.



Talking Light can be likened to a mentorship – an opportunity for you to receive guidance and insight on a problem, a new project or an important decision that needs to be made.



The Gods, Goddesses and Temples of Ancient Egypt hold powerful magic and healing energies that can be accessed to assist us on our ascension path.



When you understand the origin of a Twin Flame, you will further understand the mission and purpose of these powerful sacred counterparts.



These ceremonies give you an opportunity to honour yourself, your path, the higher beings and your ancestors who all play an integral part in your healing and expansion in this life.


My “Formula”


spiritual healing

Keep it positive – conversations, people and actions


spiritual healing

Clean your energy everyday – don’t carry junk or anyone else’s


spiritual healing

Be empowered in all that you do


spiritual healing

Belief – all that you need is inside of you, unleash the dragon!


spiritual healing

Be disciplined – ‘turn up’ every day


“I have had the continuous pleasure of being able to take part in Maries cacao ceremonies as well as one on one sessions for almost a year now. What a magical and profound ride it has been: Marie has facilitated truth, remembrance, deep healing and so much freedom on my journey through a myriad of amazing techniques and skillsets. My favorite thing about working with her is that she always leaves me feeling empowered, as if there is no doubt that I have all the tools to facilitate my own healing journey. In a World where disempowerment, as well as self doubt, is far too common, I believe that this is one of the major factors that sets Marie aside as a way shower in the healing sector.

She is authentic, kind, talented and genuinely passionate about people and their healing journeys. Thank you Marie for all that you do!”

Jess Lovemore, Cape Town

“Dear Marie

I would like to truly honour and thank you for today, and for every other moment in my life (there are too many to list) where you have been there for me in the purest and most unconditional love.”

“My 1st encounter with you, I had a back spasm that rendered me useless. I had nowhere to turn and your phone number was given to me by someone else I’d been referred to. I sent you a panicked voicenote and you sent back 3 voicenotes all at least 3 minutes long, in full and loving support for me. You let me know in the kindest words that my lower back was linked to feeling unsupported! That truth hit me like a ton of bricks, and although you were overseas at the time, you helped me release my fear just by keeping in touch.

When we finally met for a session, it was like meeting an old friend, and you have been there for me – any time–for the last 3 years.

My family have all been to you for different things with incredible results. We have done the most beautiful Cacau ceremonies together and myself and Terry joined you in a trip to Egypt that has since changed my world forever. Fast forward to the present moment, and you are guiding me on virtual inter-dimensional meditations and pushing me to let my light shine brighter than ever before.

Thank you for helping me to remember

I love you.”   

Candice Donadel, Cape Town

“I have had the privilege and may I say privilege to attend one of Marie’s Cacao ceremonies.  I was absolutely blown away with her gentle yet strong approach and how she facilitated the journey for our group.  Not having done a ceremony of that kind before I found Marie’s energy safe and trustworthy.  I would highly, highly recommend her and her work on all levels. 

Thank you Marie for a being a guided source in my life”

Alida Haarhoff, Cape Town

“Marie is an amazing healer and teacher. For someone that has always been drawn to the mysticism of Egypt, Marie helped me unlock a memory of Egypt during one of my sessions. This has helped me understand my connection and peaked my interest in the healing codes of Egypt. I look forward to this journey of discovery as Marie guides us in accessing our innate powers.”

Vishantha Rathakrishnan, United Kingdom

“Marie is an absolute powerhouse, working with her has been an incredibly transformative and enjoyable experience for me. I highly recommend her sessions and workshops”

Dale Leigh Jess, Cape Town

“I have been working with Marie through guided meditation –  something I’ve always struggled with somewhat. Marie has a gift and ability of connecting me to the right frequency helping me heal and feel lightness. Meditating with her is nothing short of both a powerful, positive and grounding experience. Thanks Marie”

Debi Porter, United Kingdom

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